If I am understanding exactly what cognitive dissonance is properly, I would have to say the most notable change that occurred in me was when I was twelve years old. At the time I was incredibly religious, my whole life revolved around my religion. At the same time however, I held a lot of socially left wing views (my support for legalizing gay marriage was the most important in this case). I had a few atheist friends at the time who would frequently talk to me about the topic of religion, and eventually one of them brought up the contradictions between my personal beliefs and what my religion would have me think. I had somehow never read the bible up to this point and was unaware of most of the specific things it said until I started debating with these new atheist friends. He showed me verses that went against everything I believed politically and I had to choose whether I would stick to my morals or my religion and I chose my morals.

I can easily say that changing your beliefs due to cognitive dissonance is a very good thing to do. It would be ridiculous to just cherry pick your beliefs and choose to ignore certain aspects of contradicting ideas so that you can live in your secure bubble. It’s important for your growth as a human to closely examine and scrutinize the things you believe and say, and make sure they match up properly, doing so might be uncomfortable at times and may force you to rethink the world but I believe that’s just an important part of life.


One thought on “First Impression Week 12 Prompt 2

  1. I agree with you having two beliefs or perspectives that contradict with one another need to be dealt with in order to decrease the dissonance. When attitudes don’t match there is a sense of discomfort and people seek out for consistency. To relieve these tensions between the opposing beliefs, one may find comfort in reasoning it out. Some focus on the supportive beliefs to justify what they think is right even though many may view it as wrong. Looking at more of the positives then the negatives can justify why you lean a certain way. Some may also learn to change their attitude with a certain behavior as seen in the video presented. I think it was very smart of you to follow what your morals were saying and to reason out two conflicting opponents to find what you consider the truth. Dissonance is important to reduce the stress and confusion in an individuals life and to make a truth of varying information they are dealt with.


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