The tests all gave me results that seemed pretty accurate to myself, however they varied in credibility. They all told me I was an extrovert but each one had different overall results. One test told me I fell into the “ESFJ” category, another told me I was an “ENFP”. These two tests were both about the same length and asked similar questions but somehow gave two different results. I would explain this as me changing my my answers if I was unsure or maybe a little dishonest with myself, which is the most obvious issue with these tests. It’s very easy for someone to lie, not even necessarily on purpose, to get results that they WANT to get rather than what might actually be accurate. Another test, the color test, seemed like complete garbage. It basically amounted to picking colors in a certain order. It made me think of astrology and horoscopes, and the results were sometimes even written with improper grammar such as “He is being forced to be happiness and pleasure on hold for new due to his limiting circumstances.” The test didn’t even ask questions, I don’t see how you could learn anything about someone from having them choose colors. All in all, I think the first three tests seemed reliable (for something so bare-boned), they gave what I would call accurate results and it seemed like the results made sense based on the answers I gave, but it is of course limited by how honest someone is. The fourth test however was completely worthless.


One thought on “First Impression Week 11

  1. I really loved how you compared the two tests that did make sense. I had very similar results as you, and I also wondered how results could be so different when the tests seemed so reliable. It’s okay that they were different, but it’s not like I have two different personalities! I get why you would be confused by this, as I was too. I also agree that we can unconsciously lie to ourselves on tests like these just to get through them, or maybe even to experiment with the possible results the test may come up with. It is also very easy to lie to yourself too; that was a great point to make! Lying can happen unconsciously too, and it is ironic to see how people may get crazy results on a test like this because of lying to themselves; that maybe they make themselves out to be someone they are really not. But in the long run, the tests are not official, and just for fun most of the time. I also agree with the color test, it didn’t make much sense. It was a really easy test to take, but had no context in order to tell anything about a person.


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