The idea that violent video games and violence in the media causes children to become violent is ridiculous, I think. To begin with a bit of anecdotal evidence, I am someone who has played video games since I was five years old. Obviously as time went on and I got older I started moving into video games that featured a lot of violence and graphic images, but despite that, I have never been in or had the urge to be involved in any sort of violent actions against another person or animal. In fact I consider myself a huge advocate for pacifism and in fact I would almost say I’m radically opposed to anything that involves ending another life, as long as that life is real. Of course there are reasons outside of my personal experience. First of all, the violence people commit in games is often a stress reliever, it distracts people from their problems that might make them go out and hurt someone. It’s a similar concept to punching a pillow when your angry, it provides a healthy outlet for negative emotions. Second, to claim that people learn to use a gun from playing video games is completely false. A lot of anti-violent video game activists will claim that children are taught how to use weapons from the games they play, but many weapons take more in depth training than playing a game with a controller or keyboard and mouse to become proficient with. Many violent criminals are using weapons that are mostly intuitive like guns which really don’t take much work to figure out how to use. To claim they’re being taught by games is giving the games way too much credit than they really deserve. I think that overall, most violent criminals are people who are born with an inherent violent nature. They are people who already have the capacity to do harm and all it really takes is a motive, not an inspiration.


One thought on “First Impression Post Week 10 Prompt 2

  1. I do agree with your main statement that video games are not a main cause to children being more prone to violence. More specifically your second claim that video games teach kids how to use a gun. A gun in a video game is much different than a real gun. You have to be familiar to the various parts of gun in order to understand how to shoot or reload it. It is no as simple as pressing the X or O button on a controller. Although I am a bit concerned about the influence of guns and violence in these games to younger children. Exposure to these types of games, especially at a really young age, can give the wrong impression to a child. I think some people to play these games can have less respect for these kinds of weapons and crimes committed with them. They don’t see how dangerous they actually can be. I believe some kids are too young to be allowed to play games with such violence. That comes from the parents either allowing or restricting their child from playing these video games. From another point of view, as a result of these video games people tend to only see guns as a horrible weapon used for violence. However, many use guns as a tool. They can be used for hunting to provide food or protection.


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