I scored a 13/20 on the emotional intelligence quiz. I don’t think this represents what I had expected to score, I definitely didn’t expect to miss as many as I did. I thought I would probably only miss one or two because, how hard can it be? It was fairly difficult at times, sometimes it had to do with the subtlety of the difference faces being made but other times it seemed like it had more to do with how overly exaggerated some of the expressions being made were. For example, their example of an angry face looked a lot like pain to me, with how the person bit down on their lips. It didn’t look like any angry person I have ever seen, it looked more like someone who just got hurt and was trying to hold in a scream. So as far as credibility in my scoring, I’m not sure I trust it entirely. If they had used faces of, perhaps, famous people from moments captured on T.V. as realistic examples I think it would have been more credible. The information given after answering did seem reasonable and useful. For me the easiest faces to read were the fear and happiness ones and the hardest was anger, as it seemed like a lot of other emotions create similar expressions. I think the applications of this knowledge in real life are pretty obvious, to use the information to try and see what people are really thinking. It would be useful to know how honest someone is being by using small facial cues.


2 thoughts on “First Impression Week 8 Prompt 2

  1. I agree with your questioning the validity of this test. I feel in real life social situations angry people do not look in pain or about to yell. For example, how you were saying sometimes people had very exaggerated expressions and sometimes subtle. There are also social standards for how people express emotions. People do not just look like they are screaming so maybe that is another reason our emotional IQs are low. I think in society it is important to suppress emotions therefore these exaggerated pictures they are showing us cannot possibly be recognized well. Close friends and family see emotions but everyone else does not therefore people just do not have very much experience. Also, when someone is upset often there is conversation and other cues such as what they say, the way the act, tone, that will help the person come to the conclusion of what emotion they are experiencing.


  2. I agree with your opinion that the facial expressions in the test were confusing. I scored 12/20 on the test because the subtlety in a lot of the expressions made them difficult to tell apart. Only a few were exaggerated enough to be obvious. The angry face was one of the expressions that looked like a different emotion. Happiness was also hard to differentiate for me because the happy face looked similar to the other smiling faces. It is definitely important to consider people’s facial expressions when judging their honesty. Facial cues can show when someone is lying.


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